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Desktop crash when playing new album Twin Fantasy

Desktop crash when playing new album Twin Fantasy

Hey all,


I'm experiencing crashes when I try to play any song from Car Seat Headrest's new album, Twin Fantasy, except for these two:

 - Stop Smoking (We Love You)

 - Famous Prophets (Stars)


The crashes are reproducible 100% of the time, and they persist even when I shut down the spotify app and `rm -rf .cache/spotify`.


When I play the songs that were individually released as singles from the singles directly, they work, but those same songs crash the client when I play them from the album.


I'm on spotify version and I'm running ubuntu 16.04. My spotify username is nosefrog.


Is there any way I can look through the logs to see what's going on?

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I just realized that I can get the logs for spotify if I run it in a terminal. The logs don't have anything interesting (when I click "My Boy (Twin Fantasy)", that causes a segmentation fault w/o any other logs). I've attached the core dump here:

When I open the core dump with GDB, this is what I see:


The error is here: 32 ../sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/../strchr.S: No such file or directory.


I have a feeling that something invalid is being passed to __dlopen. 

There is something wrong with the update mechanism. 1.0.25 is quite old


Check how to install it properly (I prefer snap) and it should keep updating itself.


There have been a few crash bug fixes since then. It might fix your problem.


I just upgraded to 1.0.**bleep**, and now instead of crashing I get a banner that says "This song is not available. If you have the file on your computer you can import it." when I try to play songs from Twin Fantasy.


Any tips on what to do next?


I'm on version 1.0. six nine 

Silly forum bleeper. I was wondering why people wrote that. 🙂


One crash bug that fits your description is a local files crash bug. If you add local files to your client (you need to do that in the settings), Spotify will prefer to play them instead of streaming it from the servers.


Older clients (like 1.0.25) would crash when trying to play local files if it didn't have the right (ancient 54) libavcodec installed.


Newer clients (like 1.0.69) would just fail when trying to play local files if it didn't have the right (ancient 54) libavcodec installed.


1.0.70 and newer would also fail when trying to play if doesn't have the right libavcodec installed. However, it can use (slightly less ancient) libavcodec 56 which is still available in ubuntu 16.04.


1.0.72 is released to snap and to spotify's testing debian repo and will be released to spotify's stable debian repo soon. That might work.


If this is indeed the local files issue, then just removing the scanned directories from settings would also work. If it is not, then I have again no idea.



Starting the client with --show-console shows more debug information, but maybe not what you are looking for.



spotify --show-console


Turning off local file scanning fixed the issue. Thanks so much! That feature never worked for me anyways 🙂

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