Doesnt show what a song play now in minimize window

Doesnt show what a song play now in minimize window

Plan Premium

Country Ukraine

Operating System Linux Mint 19.3 MATE


After update client version Spotify to 1:, i cant see what a song playing in minimize window. Clear cache and config - doesnt solve.

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Yes, getting the same problem here on Debian 11 (bullseye).

Same here in KDE / Plasma 5 environment (Kubuntu 20.04 LTS).


It seems to be because the latest Spotify client doesn't show the song & artist in its title bar any more, and the task bar button is just mirroring the title bar.

I can confirm this is happening on Arch with KDE (latest)

Same here on Manjaro XFCE but I kinda like it better this way 😏

If you go into fullscreen mode, then back: window title updates to the artist and song name, but only once and stays stuck on those names. 😒

Same problem here, on Debian Sid + MATE. Also, the Spotify icon is not displayed, but just a generic icon. From my point of view, these are annoying bugs.

Update: In addition to the issues mentioned above, when minimizing the window, the player bar does not update the information about the song being played until the next song is loaded, also the window title does not contain information about the song being played.

I know this thread is over four months old now... but is it possible that it's still not fixed? Anybody here having a solution for that?

I've updated to the version spotify and the bug still exists... come on Spotify, you can do better!

I'm having the same problem with Debian 11 and KDE Plasma 5.20.5 when running the latest desktop client ( IIRC it is happening since the redesign of the desktop client. Today I noticed something new which might help to fix the issue. If I close the application the title/task bar text switches to the correct value and it shows "Spotify Premium" or the artist and track which was playing.

Same issue. Annoying that they dont fix the problem. 

Still having this issue 2022-09-21 on linux mint. I've noticed the same thing as belzebub40k, the artist and song title only show when you close the program as seen in my attached image.

2022-09-21 11-54-16.png

I'm having the same issue on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with Cinnamon DE.


As a workaround here's a bash one-liner to get the currently playing song from the API and set the window title (requires curl, jq and xdotool). You'll need to change the <token> to your personal access token. You can get your token from


NOW_PLAYING=$(curl -s "" -H "Authorization: Bearer <token>" | jq -r ".item.artists[0].name + \" - \" +"); xdotool search --onlyvisible --name "Spotify" set_window --name "[Spotify] $NOW_PLAYING"


You can make it run every few seconds while Spotify is running. Et voilà! The most inefficient workaround possible. It would be nice if Spotify actually fixed Linux bugs sometimes so we wouldn't need to resort to unnecessarily querying the API. Or even better, open source the client and we would have fixed it ourselves months ago.

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