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Download offline tracks or make the Music library more video game OST friendly

Download offline tracks or make the Music library more video game OST friendly

 Hello Spotify, I am a gamer, and have bought tons of different video game OSTs, and I have made playlists of 333 songs just out of music from these. And I can only listen to them on my phone, or the PC where the files are stored. This is a massive inconvenience, because I really really like these playlists, an I know a bunch of people who would love to listen to my collections. Please, add the functionality to let us make these playlists public, it isn't like we are trying to claim them or copyright them, especially since there is no profit in having a playlist, so why is this functionality non existent? Why is it that every place I go to upload these get on my case about copy right or etc, I am not getting any money out of it, I am not asking for payment in any shape or form, I just want to listen to my music, and be able to share it with friends, or all who wish to listen. We pay monthly for this service, so please be worth our money..

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Hi Oyakata. The issue here isn't wether or not you make a profit off the playlists, but the fact that:


1) Spotify is making a profit off of these playlists. Either from free users who would listen to those playlists and bring in ad revenue, or people who pay for premium and then listen to those playlists. 


2) If the tracks aren't in Spotify's library, then they don't have the rights to stream the content, which them means they can't make money off of those tracks. If you own the music and listen to it, that's one thing, but if the music you own is streamed over Spotify's service, and then they make money off of it, that's a big no-no (it would still be an issue even if they didn't make any money because of rights to the content). 


The only solution to this issue is to suggest the content to Spotify and hopefully they can work out an agreement. For information on how to do that, check here. Cheers!



Hey, Oyakata

You can make your playlist public, but others can't listen to the songs, unless Spotify has those same songs, or the followers of your playlist buy those same songs and add them to their local files and download them on their phones, tablets, or other devices, which will make them available on their end, on your playlist. Just add in your description of the playlist, where you bought them, and to change their settings to "Show Unplayable Songs", so it makes it easier on your followers.


I did that with this one.

Making existance more like life - A Driving Playlist - Found Here: - Donate or refer a friend (or refer yourself, using alternate e-mail address) to download Mp3s from site - Show Unplayable Songs in settings- Add to local files.

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