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Dsiappointed in Spotify's "No WiFi Syncing" policy

Dsiappointed in Spotify's "No WiFi Syncing" policy

To Whom It May Concern:


I signed up for a Spotify Premium Trial, two weeks ago, with the hopes that I would be able to stream all my non-DRM'ed Audiobooks to my various laptops, either through WiFi or the Internet -  after reading, on the Spotify forums, that syncing mp3s via WiFi is prohibited by Spotify and will never be implemented (I'm assuming because of the Music Industry's piracy concerns) I consider this a deal-breaker in terms of my using Spotify and, as a result, will be cancelling my Premium Trial immediately.


To anyone, at Spotify, who is reading this post:


1. I have no interest, or desire, to commit music piracy - I am a Law-abiding person (the Music Industry has no reason to fear me).

2. I rarely stream music, I prefer to buy physical CDs.

3. If I want "streaming music", I listen to the radio.

4. My audiobooks (mentioned above) were either purchased from the Humblebundle store or were downloaded from the Internet Archive.


I'm disheartened by the various online media services who continue to treat thier customers as if they were common criminals. 




Matthew B. Howell



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