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Erro Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Erro Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS



I am receiving back this message when I try to install spotify on ubuntu

Executing: /tmp/tmp.V1ZhJypaWz/ --keyserver
gpg: requisitando chave 341D9410 de servidor hkp -
gpg: chave 341D9410: "Spotify Public Repository Signing Key <>"
gpg: Numero total processado: 1
gpg:              nao modificados: 1


Can someone help me??

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It looks like you are trying to install the debian package. It also looks like you don't get an error. It is just the output of the first command (of four that you need to type).


Yesterday, we released Spotify as a snap package. It should be much easier to install than the debian package. Open a terminal and type:

snap install spotify

or open the app Ubuntu Software, search for Spotify and click install.


The page will soon be updated with these instructions.


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