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Error 101 connecting with Point Linux 2.3.2 and Spotify

Error 101 connecting with Point Linux 2.3.2 and Spotify







Asus F3Eseries

Operating System

Point Linux 2.3.2 (Debian 7 based)


My Question or Issue

As in the subject, when I try to connect to Spotify with my account I receive a message with code error 101.


I haven't antvirus and/or firewall on my OS.


Using more recent OS and Spotify's releases, but also with the older version, I'm able to connect without problems.


Maybe Spotify for 32-bit OS became unsupported or blocked?



1 Reply

I don't know the answer to whether or not your client version is to blame for not being able to get signed in on that device, but I wouldn't have any expectations on an OS that far out of date. Debian 9 is already slated for end of life next spring, although it will see LTS until 2022. Debian 7 passed LTS status in spring of 2018, so it's only going to continue to get harder to run modern software on that system.


Having no shortage of old gear myself, I'm not unsympathetic to wanting to keep it running, but if it can't run a more current OS, it could become a never ending challenge.

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