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Error Report: Spotify-Client says I'm offline

Error Report: Spotify-Client says I'm offline


My first post on the Spotify Forum.

I run Ubuntu 18.04.5 Desktop and have following issue(s):


! Error Report !

Device: Normal Desktop Computer

OS: Ubuntu 18.04.5 Desktop

Spotify-Account: Premium Duo

App-Version: Spotify version, Copyright (c) 2020, Spotify Ltd

Description of issue(s):
I have tried to install Spotify to play music on 5 of my computers, both servers and workstations, but right now I'm focusing on my main workstation. When I try to install spotify-client all goes well. I then launch the app which starts quickly and fine.


I login and the millisecond the playlist-list is starting to try to sync the app tells me I'm offline. No matter if I install spotify via apt install spotify-client, snap install spotify or install it via flatpak spotify, either this error or the error before logging in tells me I'm having issues with my firewall, which I have deactivated to not  risk it messing with anything while trying to get it to play. Once I got the playlists and everything, pressed Play on one playlist, the only thing that happened was that spotify jumped from song 1 to song 2 to song 3 to song 4 etc in half a second of every song, never a single sound though.


I'm going to attach both a spotify-dump file, as well as a spotify-client.log file created only for reporting this issue(s) and hopefully tell someone more knowlegable person that can read the log-file and dump-file and make some sense of it.

I thank anyone in advance that would spend any time on this issue(s).

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