Extreme CPU usage Linux client


Extreme CPU usage Linux client

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My Spotify client for Linux always used to work fine, but a couple of days ago it all of a sudden started to claim 100% CPU capacity, while I was dragging some songs from one playlist to another. That resulted in overheating the processsor of my notebook. (Ubuntu 12.04 Precise LTS switches off the computer automatically, when the CPU reaches a temperature of 106°C.)


I de-installled the software completely (using Synaptic package manager) and then performed a re-install, with no improvement whatsoever. I even disabled the SpotifyHelper (as suggested elsewhere) by retracting its rights, but that didn't work either. The client persisted in claiming 100% CPU, even when it was idle.


Any useful suggestions, apart from re-installing the whole OS or upgrading it to a recent version? Thanks in advance.


Robert Jan

The Netherlands

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