Facebook sharing, Linux


Facebook sharing, Linux

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So is there an actual solution to this problem? Ive seen half a dozen different topics about the same issue dating back to 2013.

Signing out of facebook/spotify [including signing out of all: desktop, web, mobile]  doesnt work.

The page where you link FB to spotify just reloads with no confirmation message, and nothing having changed. Although somtimes I get an error saying the page has expired...immediately after I refresh it.

The share button in the desktop app still says "temporarily unavailable". [Including pics to show when you click the share button, and then "also post to", the message it displays]


Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS

Signed up with email. Even tried logging out and signing up with facebook, but the page just shows the loading wheel and never does anything.

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Re: Facebook sharing, Linux

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Guess no one at Spotify cares....good to know.

Re: Facebook sharing, Linux

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Hey @vis_ionmas_ter,


Can you try the newest testing version and see if the issue is solved there?

You can find the package here.

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