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Features missing?


It appears that the current client can't sort by rating when looking at search results.  Is this feature gone or am I doing something wrong?


Also, when I choose the main "songs" menu it has the ones that I saved for albums or artists, but not from my playlists.  Is there a way to add playlist songs to the songs screen?



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You could highlight all tracks in your playlist and choose "Copy" from the Edit menu, then click on Songs in Your Music and choose "Paste" from the Edit menu. Or drag & drop all highlighted tracks from the playlist to Songs directly. As long as you are not above the known 10k limit in Songs, this should work. But check if really all highlighted tracks are copied to Songs afterwards, I remember there was a related bug some months ago which limited this process to about 500 tracks in one go.


And sorting the search results has been disabled some months ago as well, there is an idea to bring it back where you can vote:

You can also get column sortng back in search by using this shortcut spotify:search:song or artist name, copy paste that into the search box of the desktop app and just replace song or artist name for what your searching for. After hitting enter you can now use column sorting by clicking on the column header names. Also if you want a search filter, simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+f keys and a filter will open upper right to refine word searches.

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