Full listening history


Full listening history

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Dear Spotify,,


Why can't I access my FULL listening history? 


I'd say that, for a company that is storing (probably) petabytes of music, a couple of song ids can't matter that much, correct? I can access my complete browsing history in Google Chrome. I can access the full messaging history of any conversation in Whatsapp. Why can I only go back a skimpy 50 songs in Spotify?


I am a proudly paying member of your awesome service and I'd like to place an official request for the following feature: 


Give (at least the premium) users access to their full listening history. From the moment they signed up, until the song I played 1min ago.


Kind regards, Kevin

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Re: Full listening history



Here is my >> Full listening history. << Try the options under >> "More tracks". <<  And maybe then try Clicking the different "time periods" under ListeningHistory in the upper right.


You can do the same by connecting your Spotify player to  last.fm.  It is all Yours!