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Full listening history

Full listening history


Dear Spotify,,


Why can't I access my FULL listening history? 


I'd say that, for a company that is storing (probably) petabytes of music, a couple of song ids can't matter that much, correct? I can access my complete browsing history in Google Chrome. I can access the full messaging history of any conversation in Whatsapp. Why can I only go back a skimpy 50 songs in Spotify?


I am a proudly paying member of your awesome service and I'd like to place an official request for the following feature: 


Give (at least the premium) users access to their full listening history. From the moment they signed up, until the song I played 1min ago.


Kind regards, Kevin

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Here is my >> Full listening history. << Try the options under >> "More tracks". <<  And maybe then try Clicking the different "time periods" under ListeningHistory in the upper right.


You can do the same by connecting your Spotify player to  It is all Yours!

ware is fine if you've already set it up, but if you've been an account holder for 10y without scrobbling, it's disappointing to think there's no way (not even API) to access this history.


Hey all 🙂


You can get your Spotify history imported to your account, and that's by contacting Spotify and requesting your listening history. There are things you need to know before you do that, and they are as follows:
1. has a daily scrobbling limit of 2800, which means importing a file with let's say 140k songs will take over a month.
2. The imported songs will not have accurate timestamps - their timestamp will be the day you imported them.

3. Your listening stats will no longer make sense for some time being and if that bothers you, it's recommended you make a secondary account for these stats.


This is how to import:
1. Contact Spotify. Click through >Personal data and Privacy > I want to download a copy of my data > I still need help. This will let you chat with someone from Spotify. Explain to them that you want to have all your streaming history. They will ask you some verification questions and maybe why you want them, but after 3-4 weeks you should get a download link.


2. You will get some .json files, which you have to convert with online tools (such as this ) into csv files. Since LastFM has a daily import limit of 2800 you have to split these files into files with a length of 2800 (using this filesplit tool).


3. These files can be imported with apps like scrubbler (download the .zip file under assets, extract the files and run the .exe) Choose “File Parse Scrobbler” and “CSV” as the parse option. Set the correct order of the elements in the CSV file in the “Settings” tab. Log into the app and select a maximum of 2800 songs, which you want to scrobble. If you need any more information check out the scrubbler documentation.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to listen to music during importing and scrobble them as well, don't set the files to be of maximum length. Subtract your safe daily average from the maximum.

SebastySpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

Just a clarifying question, does that request only apply to residents living in the EU? When I reached out to their privacy support email, I was only able to receive data extending back to 12 months ago. As someone living in the US, as far as I can tell, the only protections we have for requesting our data is through the CCPA, which only covers a 12 month period. 


Thanks @Sebasty! This was a super useful comment you left. Spotify gave me some incomprehensible jumbled JSON files when I asked for extended streaming history (endsong_0 and endsong_1), and this converter put them into a spreadsheet which could be sorted by date range in one second:


Glad to hear it worked fine for you!

It may be an EU-specific thing or it may not, I don't really know. I have seen multiple americans requesting their full history and receiving the last year or so, of it.


Anyway, since last time i commented here, community has made a very useful file documenting how to import your scrobbles, also highlighting how to use things like scrubbler. Click here to see it.
So if you get stuck somewhere, this might save the day. : )

SebastySpotify Star
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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

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