Getting Started with Linux


Getting Started with Linux


I ran the instructions in terminal exactly, everything exectued fine.  But where do I go from here?  I searched over every location and kicked back nothing but an empty Spotify file somewhere in system files and some .pgn icons.  I re-ran the instructions via copy-paste to ensure everything was right.  It attempted to update but since I did it right the first time it kicked 0 updated 0 installed 10 unchanged.

I went to google and I found an old article that said I should type spotify into terminal after running the install instructions.  So I did that. The terminal kicked back

"cttipton@Bugger:~$ spotify
spotify: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

What should I do?

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Re: Getting Started with Linux

Gig Goer
You should learn something about Linux. It would be easier to give specific instructions if you old us things like what distribution you use. That's a well described problem on this forum (try searching for it), typically solved by installing libgcrypt11. (Your distribution probably comes with libgcrypt20 as default). I believe I've just kept the version from Debian wheezy installed when I upgraded to Debian Jessie.