Good alternative to Spotify?


Good alternative to Spotify?


I have been using premium since 2010, on Android, Windows and iOS. One thing that really bothers me is the issues with the 'shuffle' feature. It simply does not shuffle, and repeats certain songs far too often.

This has been a long running complaint from many members, and it appears Spotify does not want to fix the problem. Occasionally Spotify might release an update to the shuffle algorithmn, but never actually addresses the main issue.


Many theories suggest that it has something to do with the cost of playing certain tracks, but no one really knows. I do know however, that it would be increadibly easy to program a truly random shuffle. All you'd have to do is code it so that it skips songs that have been recently played, quite simple really.

Unfortunately for this reason cannot continue to use Spotify. Can anyone suggest a good alternative that has a simpler shuffle algorithmn that doesn't repeat tracks? Thanks!

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Re: Good alternative to Spotify?


Fully agree. I'm also cruious about alternatives. I haven't had Spotify nearly as long although I very quickly became frustrated with the shuffle as well. I've been astonished to learn how many other people have had this issue and for how LONG this issue has been around. I mean we're talking years! And admittedly, the fact that they haven't resolved it makes me quite weary. It is clearly financially motivated as I can't see how making a truly random shuffle could baffle the folks behind such an intelligent program.