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Has Spotify now completely lost it's competitive advantage?

Has Spotify now completely lost it's competitive advantage?

The new 1.x version is just awful. There's over a thousand comments about it in these 2 threads alone:


I now see very little difference between Spotify and the other services. For example, I have just installed the Rdio desktop app and pulled all my play lists over using Soundiiz. With the changes to the 1.x Spotify client, I haven't really lost anything by switching.


Has Spotify just pulled the "New Coke" marketing disaster for our millenia? Are they willfully ignoring their users?

Should we all cancel our subscriptions?


What do you guys think?



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I think we should ALL cancel....They need to understand that software changes that affect the users they need to stay in business are not working, and they need to do something about that. They will not do anything until it hits their bottom line..It's about money and when they see us not putting up with this BS, they will change.


I just upgraded this morning, and lost a bulk of the fuctions that were the reason I decided to become a Premium Member. I'll give them a week to answer my questions and recitfy this...after that, I'm done! Canceled!

After spending a few minutes to "Favorite" all my albums in Rdio that I had listed in Spotify, I said screw it and went ahead and cancelled my Spotify sub. I had already imported my playlists as mentioned above.

For now Rdio is getting my money.

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