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How do you train a radio station

How do you train a radio station

Something that has always been unclear to me when using Spotify radio is how to train the radio station. When I start a new radio station and listen to a couple songs, it quickly gets off "topic" with the songs. Usually the songs are songs that I like, but they have nothing to do with the subject of the radio station. If I down vote a song, does that mean that Spotify will assume that I don't like that song or is the down vote only relevant to the radio station I am listening to?


For example if I want to listen to a Jazz station and Radiohead starts playing should I downvote the Radiohead song? I like Radiohead and I don't want Spotify to not give me more radiohead songs, but I also don't think that Radiohead songs should be in my jazz station. If I downvote radiohead, will Spotify assume globally that I don't care for Radiohead or is it smart enough to know that the downvote only applies to the station I am listening to?

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I'm also a bit confused about Radio Channels.  My problem manifests a bit differently.  I press like on anything I really like, skip if I'm not in the mood for it.  What happens is that Spotify continually presents the *same songs I liked* over and over again.  Me liking the song when it comes up should be "play more like this", not "play this continually".  I can allready put up lists of artists, songs and records on shuffle play.  Radio should be more like picking a theme, guiding it subtly with choices but the stream should be like a PRNG, if a song comes up it should be a long time before it comes up again.

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