How to delete all the tracks from the Next Songs section.

How to delete all the tracks from the Next Songs section.


This is a simple workaround in the Spotify Desktop app to remove all the songs that are currently listed in the Next Tracks section of the playlist window.  It's a feature users have asked for over the past year and there's still no official way to do it.  (This is a workaround posted in Nov. 2015 - future updates to the app might break this function.)


How to delete all tracks from Next Songs section.


  1. Create a new playlist
  2. You can title this playlist whatever you want, I chose "Blank"
  3. Do not add anything to this playlist
  4. Go back to playing whatever song or album you want
  5. While a song is playing (that you've put in your "Queued Tracks") simply double click the "Blank" playlist on the left side of the Spotify Desktop App
  6. EDIT - When you return to the app (after closing it) your Queue and Next Tracks will be empty - simply double click on your playlist that you created for this (the one called "Blank") and it will start your Queue right where you left off


This should remove everything from the "Next Tracks" section while leaving your Queued Tracks alone.  It should not disrupt playback.
Now you can continue to listen to your Queue without seeing the random Next Tracks that Spotify filled in for you.


*note, the only time I've seen the Next Tracks section even appear after doing this is while an advertisement plays.
*I've only done this on the Windows desktop app (I assume it works on other platforms).

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I updated the original post to show how to return to your Queue after you exit and re-launch the desktop app.


This Next Songs list "feature" is soooo frustrating!! Thanks for this partial solution.

I know you don't want to hear it but I can't help but rant. Spotify are so stubborn and so slow. It's as if they have just a single programmer on staff, who is mostly on vacation. Constant updates with no real no features of substance, or any kind of improvements.

Anyway, thanks again for your contribution to the community.


It amazes me that a multistep workaround is required to acheive the most basic of functionality.



I hate when the queue runs out of music and starts playing random music!

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