Identified albums that couses Spotify to crash on Linux


Identified albums that couses Spotify to crash on Linux


This problem has been bugging me for few months, yesterday noticed that it's certain songs or whole albums that crashes the player immediately when tried to be played. So far I've found several albums of Finnish rapper Asa to couse this, but I guess there's a lot more. Please try and identify the problem and fix it.

Other issues:
- Can't access menus to get to offline mode (might just be my window manager...)
- Player on Win10 at my workplace freezes with a broken record effect (loops the last half a second or so...)
- I first loved Spotify, but since then it's been developed heavier, lost good features (naming "stars" and "choose as current playlist"). I guess there's a lot of new good features, but why get rid of the old ones? Few years ago I didn't see Spotify constantly failing on multiple platforms... I'm pretty close to vote with my money on this one...

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Re: Identified albums that couses Spotify to crash on Linux


The crashes on certain tracks/albums in the linux client are most likely related to local files. You probably have those files locally on your computer and spotify has matched them to the spotify library but tries to play the local files instead of the spotify tracks. A long-standing bug makes spotify crash on local files if you have libavcodec56.


There are also no system menus in the linux client, regardless of window manager and offline toggle unfortunately exists only in the system menus.


Both are bugs tracked internally, but nobody works on the linux specific issues except for me every now and then when I have time, so there is no estimate when they will be fixed.


It is possible to work around local files crash, by installing libavcodec54 and friends.


You can also work around the second problem and enter offline mode if you restart the client from the command-line with the flag --ap=

It makes the client think it should connect locally to go online instead of to spotify's servers.