Inhibit external monitor power management while playing through HDMI

Inhibit external monitor power management while playing through HDMI







HP ZBook 15 G5

Operating System

Fedora Workstation 31, kernel 5.3.11, Gnome 3.34.1, PulseAudio 13.0

Spotify Linux installed from FlatHub (com.spotify.Client) version


My Question or Issue




I would like to know if the Spotify Linux application has or are there any plans to provide a power-management inhibit functionality to prevent turning off an external monitor when music is playing on it through HDMI for example?


The current situation is that I use my monitor speakers to play music and when I make a break, I leave the music playing on the monitor, but after the idle period power management kicks in and the monitor is turned off and the music switches to the internal laptop speakers until I move the mouse and lit up the monitor again.

Video players like Totem have the functionality to inhibit power management when a movie is being played on the monitor. Is there functionality in Spotify to do the same when audio is being played on the external monitor?



2 Replies

Two news:
1. they started
2. But not only during the play, but permanently!!

Thank you, for the reply. Not sure if I would like to have it permanently on, though. That would mean, when I don't play music, I cannot leave Spotify open in the background, because it will prevent power saving.


My current solution is to use the Gnome extension Caffeine and turn it on when I want to leave Spotify on via HDMI and then turn it off when don't. It's manual, but for now I can live with it. I was looking for something like this in Spotify, but in an automated way.


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