Install earlier version AND block updates!

Install earlier version AND block updates!


Fellow Spotifyers, if you want your old features back FOR GOOD (like Apps, minimize-to-tray, Ctrl-F search, etc etc etc), just follow the steps below to reinstall the previous version of Spotify and permanently block the forced automatic update! You're welcome! ❤️



1. Close Spotify
2. Go to "C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Spotify"
3. Delete Spotify_new.exe if existing
4. Create a empty text document, rename it to Spotify_new.exe (if you don't see .txt etc. activate file extension's first).
5. Right click on the Spotify_new.exe and go to the properties, set the attribute Read-only.
6. Download old Spotify (by searching online for version download!)
7. Install it.
8. Have fun.

1. Go to your ~/Library folder - you can do this in Finder by doing shift+cmd+g and typing "~/Library" without the quotes and hitting enter
2. Go to Application Support/Spotify
3. Delete Spotify_new.archive and Spotify_new.archive.sig (if they are there)
4. Make two blank text documents and save them as "Spotify_new.archive" and "Spotify_new.archive.sig" - without the quotes, the same file names as the ones you deleted
5. Right click each file and go to "Get Info"
6. Check the "Locked" button on each and close the info window
7. Download old Spotify (by searching online for version download!)
8. Have fun

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Clearly everyone agrees, the new Spotify update has destroyed the service and makes most of us want to cancel our subscriptions. Spotify has removed Apps, removed the Ctrl+F Search function, removed the Minimize-To-Tray setting, and is also experiencing countless bugs, like taking several minutes to start playing a new song, freezing in the middle of songs, failing to import playlists or song files from external libraries, failing to hold your place on a playlist if you look away and look back at that playlist, and countless other obnoxious issues...


The good news is, you can successfully install the previous version of Spotify, including all of those ditched features, as well as permanently block the automatic update that is FORCED on users by Spotify. Just follow the steps in this post! PM me if you need the link to the download. 😉


Kudos + Comments if you agree that version 1.0.1+ is horrible in every way, and MUST be reverted to restored these missing features as soon as possible, before we ditch our subscriptions along with all those features.




I don't see the files there anymore

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 11.04.30 am.png


Once a week when I start Spotify, I get a notice that Spotify is being updated to a new version.  You do not have my permission to download and install ANYTHING ever, new or improved or anything, but there is no setting to disable this or prompt me.  If this continues I will unsubscribe.

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