Issues playing on Sony smart TV browser


Issues playing on Sony smart TV browser


Hi everyone


I haven't posted in a community forum for help before so I'm not quite sure what's required.


Anyway I have a Sony Smart TV literally just a month old, and I am a premium user on Spotify. I believe the operating system and the web browser is linux.


I have tried today to find an app which I've since found doesn't exist for my TV so I have logged in via the web browser installed within my television.


I'm able to login and see my playlists no problem it gives me the option to play and choose which device, which I do, however whenever I choose to listen to my music on my web browser, the track doesn't start, there is no volume, even though the volume is Up full, and I get a "oops something has gone wrong please reload" bar across the screen.  I reload the page but everytime I press play, the issue repeats itself.


Everything is connected by Wi-Fi, the Internet is working fine & everything is on the same Wi-Fi unit.

Can anybody help on this please? I'm desperate to listen to my music on my TV when I am home.


Thanks in advance