Japanese input stopped working on Linux with new Spotify update.


Japanese input stopped working on Linux with new Spotify update.


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I am using fcitx together with fcitx-mozc for Japanese input.
Up until now, I have always been able to input Japanese into Spotify's search field. 
After the update I received today (with the new UI), this no longer seems to work. When I hit win+space to switch between US and Hiragana input, it simply inserts a space into the search field. Turning on the IME manually via the system tray seems to have no effect either.

I haven't yet been able to find anyone who is running into the same issue from anything more recent than a few years ago. 
Is anyone having the same issue?

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Possibly related - but composite keys seem broken in the new UI search.

I listen a lot to german music, and doing a "ü" as a composite doesn't work (just turns up as a "u"), but it does amusingly enough work to paste an "ü" into the search box. (simlar goes for "é" and "è")

On layouts that supports diacritic characters straight away it works just fine ("åäö" on the finnish/swedish keyboard layouts for instance), so it seems like it is the composite that is broken (and this in turn will break most utf input).

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Same here. Arch 5.11.15 & bspwm, fcitx, spotify version if that can be of any help.



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Yes, I use fcitx for switching between two keyboard layouts and it's not working within the latest Spotify Linux client for me either.