Announcements API broken with 2015 makeover API broken with 2015 makeover




This was mentioned in this thread on the twenty-sixth page ( so in the interest of creating a new thread with relevant information towards a targeted issue, I decided to make a new thread.


Recently, did a makeover over their entire site UI, and it appears that the Web Player is broken with integration. My accounts were linked initially, but I first noticed that my plays weren't scrobbling from the Web Player on Firefox, so I tried disconnecting the accounts and I was going to reconnect them. However, whenever I tried reconnecting the accounts, it would bring me to the page to connect the accounts, and I would be immediately redirected back to Spotify after confirming—and there would be no change to the status for my account, and it would prompt me to just connect again.


For testing purposes, I disabled my privacy add-on (Ghostery), but it still didn't work. I then tried the exact same operation on stock installations of Google Chrome, Chromium, and the Epiphany web browser, but I ran into the exact same issue on all of the browsers, which is why I am almost certain the issue is with the API. All versions of my browsers are the latest as of 2015 Aug 19.


Hopefully this is fixed soon as I only want to listen to music on Spotify if it's being scrobbled. 🙂 Hope to see support added back very soon!



- Justin

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I'm having the same problem. No scrobbles from the spotify web player for a few days now...


Yes, same here. Problems with new site. So probably we should complain to about this? 

I believe that this is something Spotify might need to look into, if the API has undergone major changes that require scrobbling services
to update how they interact with the service.


It's more than a week allready. Still not working for me. Is there somebody who is trying to solve this? 


Today the Desktop application, Android and iOS apps stopped scrobbling to for soem unknown reason.

If you like using the "Your Music" feature have in mind that you are LIMITED to 10 000 tracks. If you want this to be fixed vote for this post


This is even more complex: my desktop app scrobbles some of the songs, but not all of them. I don't know if this is a rule, but all scrobbled songs have a one-word title (but not all of the songs with one-word title are scrobbled).

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