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Linux Client: Stay logged in

Linux Client: Stay logged in

I am currently encountering issues with the Spotify Linux client (version around staying logged in between restarts. When my computer is powered off, and then powered on again and the Spotify client launched, it will not reliably preserve my logged-in state, even with "Remember Me" switched on. Intermittently, but not always, I will be asked to log in again.


My OS is Ubuntu 14.04, running on a Dell XPS 13. 


Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is there a way to ensure consistent "Remember me" behaviour?





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Greetings @Jwpe,


You can try updating your Spotify to latest version and see if the issue persists.


You can find latest version for Linux here.



Hi @Dreadlord,


Upgraded to the latest available client version and this is still an issue. It might be worth noting that I also suffered this problem with the 0.x client before I switched to the 1.x beta.

Hello @Jwpe,


Next time when Spotify requires authentication, can you please check your prefs file for the following lines :







You can check prefs file with the following command :


cat $HOME/.config/spotify/prefs

Also you can check your prefs file permission with following command :

ls -l $HOME/.config/spotify/pref

 Default permissions are :

-rw-rw-r-- ( 664 ).



Yep, all four of those lines are present and look like they are filled in correctly. The permissions for the file are as you described.

Hey @Jwpe,


Thats odd. My best shot at the moment is to completly wipeout ~./config/spotify.

Exit Spotify

Run the following command :



rm -r $HOME/.config/spotify/

Start Spotify and log in.

If this does not solve the issue for you, I would like to take a look at strace output for Spotify.


strace spotify > $HOME/spotify-dump 2>&1


Also can you confirm your login method ( facebook or with user and password ) ?


Edit 1 : Temporary solution


cd $HOME/Desktop
echo spotify --username=YourUser --password=YourPassword | tee Spotify
chmod +x Spotify


Haven't experienced the issue the last few times, but I didn't blow away my config yet. If I encounter the issue again I will try that - thanks for the suggestions!

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