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[Linux] Client segfaults on startup after crash

[Linux] Client segfaults on startup after crash


My Client was working fine, until it suddenly crashed. It then segfaulted when I tried to start it.


The iussue is somewhat non problematic, since deleting the ~/.config/spotify folder solved it (you just have to log in again).


I just thought it would be nice to let the devs know there's an issue (and I don't know any place else than this where I could post such a thing).

Here's the log as far as is goes, at the time it segfaulted:


[0824/] Running without the SUID sandbox! See for more information on developing with the sandbox on.
[0824/] Could not load cef_extensions.pak
16:40:44.578 I [mpris.cpp:304 ] Received MPRIS MediaPlayer2.Player 'Get' request, but no metadata is available
16:40:44.761 5 [playlist_be_pl4_context.cpp:70 ] [spotify:user:wh0p:rootlist] Creating context
16:40:44.761 5 [playlist_be_pl4_context.cpp:70 ] [spotify:user:wh0p:publishedrootlist] Creating context
16:40:44.765 E [offline_key_store.cpp:85 ] Offline: failed to load key stores, error: sync_error_offline_key_store_file_not_found (7007), path: /home/hakononakani/.cache/spotify/Users/wh0p-user/cached
16:40:44.772 D [gaia_manager.cpp:705 ] GAIA: TIMING(973893) GaiaManager::start, _service_status=kServiceStatusStopped
16:40:44.772 D [gaia_manager.cpp:1063 ] GAIA: TIMING(973893) GaiaManager::sendSubscribe
16:40:44.772 D [gaia_manager.cpp:363 ] GAIA: GaiaManager::stateTransition, kServiceStatusStopped->kServiceStatusInSubscribeTx
16:40:44.774 I [dns.cpp:63 ] resolved to
16:40:44.774 I [dns.cpp:63 ] resolved to
16:40:44.774 I [dns.cpp:63 ] resolved to
16:40:44.785 I [audio_driver_linux.cpp:20 ] Using PulseAudio
16:40:44.785 I [audio_player_queue_impl.cpp:236 ] Pause driver: 0x00000b3abe9cbe10
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Hope it helps.

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