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[Linux Desktop] Can't log in.

[Linux Desktop] Can't log in.



Since a recent reinstallation of the linux desktop app, I can't log in from it anymore.

I'm currently using version


Every time, I get this error :




If I start it from a shell, this is what I get :


It would appear to be a connection issue, but I tried to ping (most of) these IPs, and I have no problem doing so. As for the ports, none of them are subject to a specific redirection nor closed by my router. And before I reinstalled the app, it worked fine.


I also use spotify on my phone (android, both on 4G and home WiFi), on another computer on windows (same home network), and I even tried the web app on both computers. On each of these, I can log in just fine. It's just on the linux desktop app that I can't.


I also tried to do a clean reinstall, deleting the ~/.config/spotify folder (at some point I tried to fiddle with the proxy settings to try and fix this), but that didn't change a thing.


Hopefully, you guys may have an idea of what's happening, or things I could try to fix this.



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Hey @kryoox,


Can you confirm if the issue still persists? 


Hey @Dreadlord


Hey @kryoox,


I will try to reach out the Spotify staff and see what is the possible cause of the issue.

I will keep you posted.


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