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[Linux Desktop] Cannot play songs, Client crashes on close.

[Linux Desktop] Cannot play songs, Client crashes on close.

When I want to play a song, the song seems to start at first. But there is no audio and after a couple of seconds there is a blue popup text saying "can't play current song". This happens for every song.
When I try to close spotify, it shows a blank screen (default dark gray color) for some time, before the system tells me that "spotify is not responding", allowing me to terminate it.
I am running Kubuntu 22.10 with KDE Plasma and the spotify-client from on version 1:, which is the latest available.
I tried logging out and back in, as well as 'apt reinstall spotify-client'.


More Info:

- Spotify does not show the "you are offline" popup as if it actually was offlinbe, but it appears as it if was. When I click on a playlist that is not cached, I just get the three-dot loading animation, the playlist never loads. I can not play songs, the client basically does not work at all.

- Interestingly, when I have music playing in another client (phone or browser) and THEN launch the broken client, it does work as a remove-controller through spotify connect. As soon as I switch to local play, it breaks again.

- It does work on rare occasions. It is not fixable (even temporarily) by rebooting.

- only line ever printed to stdout is this:

[libprotobuf ERROR ../core/vendor/protobuf3/src/google/protobuf/] String field 'spotify.event_sender.proto.DroppedEvents.DroppedEventsBySequenceIdEntry.key' contains invalid UTF-8 data when parsing a protocol buffer. Use the 'bytes' type if you intend to send raw bytes.


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Seems fixed, without update. This can be closed. If it happens again, I will reopen/comment on this.


Nevermind, it appeared again.

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