[Linux] Spotify desktop app freezes on startup

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[Linux] Spotify desktop app freezes on startup

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Multiple desktop devices

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NixOS 18.09

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About 30 minutes ago my Spotify desktop app stopped working. I clicked on a track to change the song and the audio changed, but the now playing bar on the bottom of the app shoed the old song playing. I thought that was odd, so I closed the app and the music kept playing. I ended up having to kill some straggling Spotify processes on my computer to make the audio stop. After that, whenever I started up the app I just got a blank window with the dark gray background and nothing in it. I tried deleting all of ~/.config/spotify which let me start up the app again and see the login prompt, but whenever I enter my log in information, it freezes and pegs a CPU core at 100% CPU. This only happens when I enter my password correctly. If I enter it incorrectly, I do see the "The username or password is incorrect." red error message.


I opened up my laptop (running the same version of NixOS) which was also working previously to see if it still worked, but it did not. Same blank gray screen. I can tell you for a fact that this was not caused by a software change on my operating system, because I have not installed anything recently on either computer or ran a system update. The Spotify web player in firefox does in fact work, so I can verify that it is not a connectivity issue on my end. If I had to guess, I'd bet a public facing API on Spotify's end was changed at that time and the desktop client didn't like it.


Any help would be appreciated, I really like the desktop app and want to keep using it.

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Re: [Linux] Spotify desktop app freezes on startup

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Seems to work now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯