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Linux client with i3wm causes flashes

Linux client with i3wm causes flashes

So I'm using Ubuntu 15.10, running on a 27" monitor at 2560x1440 and when I open spotify I get a blinking white/black area of the application. Rendering makes it impossible to use the application. Sometimes when I click away and/or on various selections then the screen is filled momentarily. If you wish I could upload a stack dump of the application, but I would need a location to set to. I'm running with an Xft dpi of 108.




I also use spotify running on a 13" laptop running arch (packages from aur) and everything is fine on that. Even with an Xft dpi much higher than default.

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I described the same problem here in july 2014:

The thread also contains a workaround, but no acknowledgment from spotify staff that it's a problem.

Today I have installed an old libgcrypt11 on my new computer, hoping to get spotify working - and ran in to the same problem.


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