Lost starred playlist after deleting one of two named "Starred"

Lost starred playlist after deleting one of two named "Starred"


Once I've created playlist Starred because I was unable to add few songs to original one (really weird).

Today on one machine (ubuntu 14.04, Spotify I've deleted the "second" starred and the original one left (it had star icon). Everything worked fine.

After turning off and starting second machine (arch linux, Spotify i find out that i have no "starred" playlist - even original one dissapeared.


I feel really frustrated about loosing all my music in that playlist.

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Hi @mikolajmm


You can bring it back on Spotify.com. Go there, login, and go to account settings (by pressing your username on the top and pressing "Account"). Then, scroll down until you see "Recover playlists" and find the starred playlist then restore it.


Hope this helps 🙂


The machine where playlist has been deleted is Ubuntu 14.04 with Spotify


What's more, on that machine I have still Starred at my playlists list ... I'm completely puzzled ...

---- edit
I've recovered two starred playlist. Now I have thee of them (on Spotify 0.9)! Nice bug! LOL
first - with star icon - starred

second - user created icon -> renamed to Starred_2

third - user created icon -> renamed to Starred_3

Try installing Spotify beta for Linux. https://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Community-Blog/Spotify-Client-1-x-beta-for-Linux-has-been-r... here is the instructions for updating. Hope this helps 🙂


Update: The older version might have caused this issue.

Also, try reinstalling.


Reinstalling, but on which machine?


I've deleted cache and profile on the never one, but didn't help.

Reinstalling itself is not going to help because those are system files that are not writable by user. So the only place where something may break is user profile.

Reinstalling works most of the time. Try it on both machines.

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