Most recent update breaking other apps?


Most recent update breaking other apps?

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Ubuntu 20.04 here, running version as a snap package.


Have recently noticed that after coming back from a period of inactivity, gnome-control-center starts freezing with 100% CPU and the wireless network slows to a crawl. (Bluetooth is maybe also messed up but I haven't investigated systematically.) My dmesg is also full of 'apparmor="DENIED"' messages with the interface "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" and label "snap.spotify.spotify." Quitting spotify appears to solve this problem, though it segfaults as described in another thread. I don't remember this ever happening before updating spotify and it's happened a couple of times now, though it could of course be another update installed around the same time.


Anyone else having this issue?

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Spotify was performing very sluggishly and I was noticing the same log spew concerning AppArmor denials for dbus reads from org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.


There is likely a more robust way to do this (more in keeping with conventions), but I got some relief by adding the following lines to /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/profiles/snap.spotify.spotify:

# Allow receive access for all unconfined peers
dbus (receive) peer=(label=unconfined),


I added these after this existing line:

dbus (receive, send) peer=(label=snap.@{SNAP_INSTANCE_NAME}.*),


I suspect this is an overly broad permission (to allow reads from all unconfined dbus peers), but it stopped the log entries and Spotify's behavior was back to being crisp and responsive.


Hope this helps.