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Nightly 'crash' of spotify locks up gnome

Nightly 'crash' of spotify locks up gnome


I'm not so sure if this is a spotify issue or not. Just about every night, everything in my gnome desktop area locks up, spotify continues to play music, but nothing can be interacted with. Clicking buttons, moving windows, etc. None of it is responsive. However, if I give the system a ctrl+alt+f2 to switch to virtual terminal 2, I am able to login, and give send a `killall -9 spotify`. After that, i switch back to the vty that gnome is running in, and everything is once again reponsive.



Anybody have any idea what could be happening here, or what I could look for? I'm not seeing anything strange in /var/log/syslog, my memory usage is normal, as is my CPU. System is running debian squeeze, gnome 2.30.2. Maybe I could turn on a special 'debug' mode in spotify to see what the application is doing at the time of the crash?



Mike Bailey

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Try running Spotify from a terminal (type "spotify" and hit return) and see if any messages are being logged.



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