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No top lists on the latest Linux Spotify.

No top lists on the latest Linux Spotify.

I have just got spotify (that is what it said) from the ubuntu software centre. The main disadvantage i see to this is there are no top lists. I found it really helpful that it put my top 20 most listened to tracks in order. And refreshed ever few days. You could change this to top 20 artists or albums too. You could even see the top 100 tracks in the uk, which constantly refreshed. Now i have updated, that feature seems to have gone. I can only see my recently played artists. But instead of a nice clear list of the top 20, it is an overly large picture of the album art of each artist i have been listening to often. Rather than just a simple artist name. This is resulting in a tedious about of scrolling to go down the list. Can't it just be like it used to be? And I have no way of seeing now what tracks I've been listening to most, nor the top 100 list in the uk, or any other country for that matter. Is this feature now gone forever? Seems pretty silly that it was still working on an old version and i assume still will be and now it isn't there at all. Is there any way to get it back? I find it really useful as I often forget what tracks I've recently been playing. And just the artist isn't usually enough to remind me what track it was. having to manually start saving them will be a bit annoying. Many thanks if someone can help.
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