Only some Sonos show in Spotify Linux

Only some Sonos show in Spotify Linux







Dell XPS13

Operating System

Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04

My Question or Issue

 I have 2 Sonos Play 3s and a Sonos Playbar. Both Android controllers show all 3, but my Linux app only shows the 2 Sonos 3s. I recently wiped the computer and installed the newest Ubuntu version, requiring a total reinstall of Spotify, and it still only shows the Sonos Play 3s. I found a thread that started in 2012 listing this same problem on the Windows apps. Has anyone found a resolutions?

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Hey @jvizzard, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. Though we don't officially support Spotify on Linux, we'll still be glad to help out.


Does the issue persist after resetting your network router? 


Let us know how it goes.

At the moment the issue does not persist at all. It seems to have magically
fixed itself, and I have no idea what changed. I guess the problem then is
properly defined as Sonos devices appear intermittently in Spotify for
Linux, but it's probably not worth trying to troubleshoot it when they're
all showing up. Next time one or more disappear, I'll try to isolate the



That's great news, @jvizzard!


It'd be great if you could gather as much info as possible should you come across this situation in the future and post it here in the Community. We'll see what we can suggest in order to solve the issue. For the time being, we're glad that you're enjoying your tunes exactly as intended.


We hope you have an amazing week 🙂

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