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Partial connectivity with Spotify on Linux

Partial connectivity with Spotify on Linux

I use the Spotify client on Linux, version on Ubuntu 18.04.


The client hasn't worked for a few weeks now. The offline message "No internet connection detected. Spotify will automatically try to reconnect when it detects an internet connection (error code:4)" is displayed at top.

 - Search and playing songs does not work

 - Login, changes in playlists etc are working

 - Playing on other devices are working

 - Actual network connection isn't the issue (it's not a local network failure)

 - I do not believe it's a firewall issue (nothing has changed in that configuration here and I've also tried mobile network and my own VPN)


I have tried empyting the .cache and .config directories and purging the installation and reinstalling.


I have a log (--log-file) and trace file (--trace-file). I can also provide strace output if that would help. However I'd prefer sending those files for debugging rather than posting them publicly.


Any ideas or similar issues?

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