Playback skipping to next track and then pausing


Playback skipping to next track and then pausing


I am having problems listening to music while scrolling through the list of albums of an arist. E.g, if I listen to the most popular track of an artist then start scrolling down the page to look at some earlier albums, before clicking on anything, the playback skipps to the track below what is was playing and then stops.


I have just been listening to the first track of an album and I wanted to get the artists first album. I start scrolling and then what was playing just stopped.


I can't work out what is cauing this issue.


I am using Spotify Premium on Ubuntu 14.04.


The version of Spotify is:

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same Spotify Version, 

same Ubuntu Version,

same problem


I think the stop just happens, if Spotify needs to load the other content.

So i have started the song and maybe the first album is shown, if i scroll down, so the second and third album have to be loaded, then the song stops. If i start the song again now, i can scroll down to the third album, but if spotify now has to load the fourth and fifth album, it will stop again.

I also figured out, if you listen to one song and than go to another artists page, it will not stop. So as an example: You listen to some Muse song, go to the Artist page from The Nationa, you can scroll down and nothing will happen.

But if you go to the Artist Page from The National, then start "I Need My Girl" and scroll down, it will stops as soon as "High Violet" has to be loaded.



Same problem here. Same version. Running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

How long until spotify gets updates for linux??

Casual Listener

Same Spotify version, different Distro (Gentoo).


Another thread with the same problem.


Ubuntu 14.04 and same version of Spotify as the other posters. And sadly the same problem as well.