Playlist disappeared and other reasons to be unhappy

Playlist disappeared and other reasons to be unhappy

Hi there,


I am quite upset at Spotify today. One of my playlists disappeared this morning, which is Called "Reveil gentil". I really want it back. I don't think I removed it by mistake and I really enjoy it. Besides, 20 persons were following it, which was making me quite proud (one gets is joy from what he can...).


Apart from that, the Linux player has been bothering me a lot recently. I was unable to connect during more than a month (why pay for a service that you can't access ?) because of some 117 error (I think, not sure), DNS stuff and proxy settings, apparently. This bug randomly comes up and suddenly disappears (leaving me without my music for 5 minutes or 1 month, complete random), and I wasn't able to fix it.


This is why I was considering leaving you guys, because I see no point in paying for a soft that is accessible whenever it wants, removes without warning some playlists I beloved, etc. I can't trust you anymore, you broke my heart.

Could you please send me all the data you have from me on your servers please ? I want all my playlists' songs title/artist to be able to create my own collection from there. With my own cloud, for example.


One last thing : I had to search for 5 minutes to manage to send this message. I am tired, yes, but between your new flashy webdesign on the main site, the categories stuff and so on, I had to search a bit before finding the "New message" button. Shouldn't offering support to your Premium members be your prior concern ? An e-mail address would have been fine, also.


Hugs and kisses or whatever,

A sad and worried member, hoping to see his playlist back soon.

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You can recover deleted playlists by looking at this topic.

You can contact support on the contact form. If you get directed back here in the reply, make sure to reply to it directly (even if it is a no reply address) and someone over at Spotify should take a look.

Please note Spotify for linux is more unstable anyway.


Anthony 🙂

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Hi, and thanks for he fast answer.


I know the Linux client is crappy, but as this is the only OS working nearly well for my computer, it is my only way to connect to my account (appart from my phone, which is a magnificent Wildfire : NEVER BUY THAT PHONE). And Wine is worse. (Yes, my configuration sucks...)


I managed to find my playlist via Facebook (had to go to october 2012, took a while), but I still don't see it in my playlists. And I can't subscribe to it, as it is mine. Any clue, please ?


Are you telling me that I have to use the contact form to ask for my data ?


Still, I have been a little harsh with my last message. Spotify doesn't deserve that. I know my config is **bleep**ty and causes most of the bugs, but the result is still that I often can't connect to my account. Plus my phone desynchronising all the time for no reason, leaving me without any music when I travel. I think they are being too paranoid about multi-users or something. So I have some good reasons to complain anyway. ^^


Thanks for the help ! 😉

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