Playlists won't completely load on a Chromebook

Playlists won't completely load on a Chromebook






Dell Chromebook 11

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 Hello there!
I'm a forum helper on Chromebook Central (which is kind of why I'm using a Chromebook), and I frequently listen to Spotify. However, just recently, when I'm looking at my playlists, they don't completely load. This has happened on both my Chromebooks, which the Chromebooks are signed in to different Gmail accounts. (Not Spotify accounts.) I've done all the Chromebook troubleshooting steps on my end, which leads me to believe it's Spotify. 
Posting this in the Linux section since Chrome OS is based / built off of Linux. 
Using the web player, I forgot to mention. Sorry if I'm in the wrong place. 
Looking forward to a response. TIA!

(Below is an image of the infinite loop loading screen.)


Screenshot 2018-08-30 at 5.52.07 PM.png

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