[Podcast] Mark Podcasts episodes as Played

[Podcast] Mark Podcasts episodes as Played






Xiaomi Mi5, Dell Laptop 🙂

Operating System

Android 8, Windows 10, Linux Kubuntu 18.04


My Question or Issue

I try to migrate with my podcasts from other software to Spotify, but i can't find way to set old episodes as "played". Its super annoing, because i have 100+ already listened episodes on list but i want to keep only couple new.
How to set these episodes as played? Currently avaliable options are only "add to queue" and "share".

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There's a document here: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Closed-Ideas/Shows-Mark-as-finished/idi-p/1806584 which describes how to mark podcasts as played, but it doesn't work. Did Spotify really remove this feature? Why would I use Spotify to listen to podcasts with this missing?!

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