Prevent trolling in colaborative playlist


Prevent trolling in colaborative playlist


Hi! As far as I understand, anyone who follows a collaborative playlist has all the permissions on the playlist. So how can I prevent a random user following my list erasing all the content?

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Re: Prevent trolling in colaborative playlist




Yes, as far as I know for now there is [sadly] no option for this.

There are ideas that cover this features, please vote:

-- and --


IMO this features are a must-have!


For now you'd better keeping the playlist public and not collab, and let "the users" tell you what songs they would like to include. If you are a small group of friends this could work... however in a public scenario it's a mess.


Maybe you'll want to use a Facebook page, forum, etc, to organize by using comments or vote systems if this is the case.

Not cool this workaround, I know, but while we're waiting for these Ideas...


Hope it helps, greetings!