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Properly state all packages Spotify depends on in .deb package (Linux)

Properly state all packages Spotify depends on in .deb package (Linux)

The debian package does not state all the packages Spotify depends on.


In the 0.9.x series, this caused the problem with libgcrypt11.  Recently I faced a similay problem with libssl1.0.0 in Debian Stretch (testing);  libssl1.0.0 was replaced by libssl1.0.2 in a system upgrade.  I could no longer run Spotify because libssl1.0.0 was missing.


Should Spotify state all its dependencies (libssl1.0.0 in this case), libssl1.0.0 wouldn't be remove as part of the upgrade process (to the package manager, no one dependen on libssl1.0.0 so it was safe to remove it).


This is a request for the Spotify Linux team to improve the information in the Debian package so (Linux) user don't face similar problems in the future.




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Hey @jflombera,


Spotify packages does state all dependencies correctly.

You can check them yourself:


sudo apt-cache showpkg spotify-client




dreadlord@CodingBox:~$ sudo apt-cache showpkg spotify-client | grep libssl
1: - libasound2 (2 1.0.14) libc6 (2 2.6) libqt4-dbus (2 4.5.0) libqtcore4 (2 4.5.0) libqtgui4 (2 4.5.0) libqt4-network (2 4.5.0) libstdc++6 (2 4.0.0) libxss1 (2 1:1.2.0) usbutils (0 (null)) libssl1.0.0 (0 (null)) libnspr4-0d (0 (null)) libgconf2-4 (0 (null)) libgtk2.0-0 (0 (null)) libnss3-1d (0 (null)) libglib2.0-0 (0 (null)) xdg-utils (2 1.0.2) dbus-x11 (0 (null)) libudev0 (16 (null)) libudev1 (0 (null)) libavcodec53 (16 (null)) libavcodec52 (16 (null)) libavcodec-extra-53 (16 (null)) libavcodec-extra-52 (0 (null)) libavformat53 (16 (null)) libavformat52 (16 (null)) libavformat-extra-53 (16 (null)) libavformat-extra-52 (0 (null)) libnotify4 (0 (null)) spotify-client-gnome-support (3 1:0.8.0) spotify-client-gnome-support:i386 (3 1:0.8.0) spotify-client-qt (3 1:0.8.0) spotify-client-qt:i386 (3 1:0.8.0) spotify-client-gnome-support (3 1:0.8.0) spotify-client-gnome-support:i386 (3 1:0.8.0) spotify-client-qt (3 1:0.8.0) spotify-client-qt:i386 (3 1:0.8.0) spotify-client:i386 (0 (null)) 



Hi @Dreadlord,


It seems the output you show is for spotify-client version 0.9.x. Version 1.0.19 does not show libssl as a dependency:


$ spotify --version
Spotify version, Copyright (c) 2015, Spotify Ltd

$ apt-cache showpakg spotify-client
Package: spotify-client
1: (/var/lib/apt/lists/repository.spotify.com_dists_testing_non-free_binary-amd64_Packages) (/var/lib/dpkg/status)
 Description Language: 
                 File: /var/lib/apt/lists/repository.spotify.com_dists_testing_non-free_binary-amd64_Packages
                  MD5: 85e0fbd02ac6e51c56b3484a676cedf5

Reverse Depends: 
1: - libasound2 (0 (null)) libcurl3 (0 (null)) libgconf-2-4 (0 (null)) libgtk2.0-0 (0 (null)) libglib2.0-0 (0 (null)) libgcrypt11 (16 (null)) libgcrypt20 (0 (null)) libnss3 (0 (null)) libudev1 (0 (null)) libx11-6 (0 (null)) libxtst6 (0 (null)) libavcodec54 (16 (null)) libavcodec-extra-54 (0 (null)) libavformat54 (0 (null)) libnotify (0 (null)) 
1: - 
Reverse Provides: 

$ apt-cache showpkg spotify-client | grep libssl

As I mentioned in my original post, version 0.9.x had the same problem with libgcrypt11. According to your output, libgcrypt11 doesn't appear as a dependency for spotify-client 0.9.x.

A new version ( of spotify-client have been released and this issue hasn't been address yet.


It's been a month since I first reported this issue and haven't yet received official answer from Spotify nor the issue has been fixed.  This really makes me wonder whether Spotify pay attention to what customers have to say in this forum (there is no proper bug/issue tracking system!!! ).

Well, months later and still not fixed with version 1.0.28! I guess non-ubuntu linux users are not significant relevant!

Come on guys, we don't even need a fix... just a clear and complete list of all the package dependencies... we'll take care of the rest!

I'm also using a Debian based distro (with xfce) and had several problems. Some I could find solutions, others don't. Here's a list of the dependencies I got so far:

  • libavcodec53 (necessary for local files)
  • libavformat53 (necessary for local files)
  • libavutil51 (necessary for local files)

And that's all 😕 My client still crashes with some of the adds (the ones that use videos in it) and the settings/Add Source (for local files) button does nothing!


How is people supposed to have the confidence to go Premium with this kind of issues and no interest in solving it? (when a simple list in a txt file would be enough)

After almost two years, this has finally been "fixed".


Spotify 1.0.69 in the testing repository now (soon stable) can dynamically load different version of (from the libssl* packages).


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