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Radio stations are completely useless

Radio stations are completely useless

I would like to use radio stations to discover music I am not familiar with or at least do not listen to regularly. This is a complete failure. Generally my playlists tend to show up in my stations. Which is exactly pointless. Or worse, there seems to be some weird algorithm to choose exactly what you don't want to hear. The classical station seems to love modern movie music. Even if I like the music I will downvote it if it is out of genre...however I believe that this becomes a global preference not a radio station preference. This is certainly the impression form the playlist liked from radio. I hate this playlist, I like or dislike to improve a specific station and having a list like this is pointless since I will never use it. Not to mention that disliking generally ruins a station making it play the same 5 songs over and over because it is competely incapable of making the correct decisions. Another example, I listen to 70's/80's music quite a bit. So if I listen to the pop or rock music radio I will get exactly that. Rather than getting modern music I may like I get the music I already listen too. Yeah, may as well not have a radio station at all. 

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I also find this Radio feature totally useless. I couldn't find anywhere that explains how I can leverage this feature. I pay not for Beta versions of services. Fix soon because there is only so long I can pay for Beta versions of stuff.

There is one Spotify Radio that works for me. You might try the following, @Huserrk and @JasperFloor and @EverybodyWhoLovesMusic.

* Right click on any track that you would like to "imitate" in your RadioStation.

* Click "Start Song Radio"-- You might do NextTrack right away to skip the first obnoxious repeat-- Then you have "good sailing"-- for about an hour.

* Then after an hour, right click the album art in the lower left-- Then click "Start Song Radio" again-- NextTrack past that first obnoxious repeat-- again. (laughing) And you will have "good sailing"-- for about an hour again.

* Every hour on the hour-- Repeat the "Start Song Radio" routine-- and NextTrack past the first obnoxious repeat again. (I laugh-- We have to laugh-- This is our life!)

Did that work for you?-- kind of?

There is a "much better" Spotify radio available-- but you will have to do a little "programming fix" yourself-- because over 80% of Spotify's paying customers love those repeats.

Those of us who get furious at those repeats are in a less than 20% minority-- so we have to help each other with suggested "programming fixes".

Just to give you an example of how great Spotify radio can be for you and your personal music tastes, >> here are the repeat statistics << on the Spotify radio station that I play-- As of the posting time, only 8 tracks have repeated in the last 2000 plays-- each of those repeats by my specific request.

Would you like that?-- with the Spotify Radio play "custom made" to your own mix of tastes-- Country, Soul, Rap, EDM, 90s, . . . . -- No track repeats except the ones that you put on your queue-- No repeats for a whole 30 days of 24X7 Spotify Radio play . . . . You can have it right now, today-- but you will have to do a few "programming fixes" yourself-- because those of us who get furious at those repeats are in a less than 20% minority.


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