Recent linux client update changes


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Thanks for the great work! Works perfectly for me.

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Could you please provide an install option for people that aren't superusers?

The recent web-browser "upgrades" require a system upgrad I cannot make, and I can't install the player w/o superuser privledges.  So I cannot listen to Spotify on this machine, where I spend a majority of my time.  If this isn't fixed, I'll have to cancel my account.

Re: Recent linux client update changes

Casual Listener
If it's a work computer, I'd recommend just talking to your sysadmin because it's most likely going to be preferable to not run outdated software on your machine. If it's a personal computer, ask whoever has root privileges for your machine?

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If you download the debian package to a directory you own on that machine, you can unpack the contents with:

ar xv spotify-client_....deb

There will be a /usr/bin directory under there with the script that launches spotify.

Adjust the paths, if needed, to work relative to your directory instead of / and you should be able to run this version of spotify for yourself, without installing globally.

Re: Recent linux client update changes


Please note that in your new version, the HiDPI fix should be applied to a different desktop file.

The file file which needs to be amended is now: /usr/local/share/applications/spotify.desktop

Instead of:



The fix in the file remains the same:

add: --force-device-scale-factor=x to the Exec line of the file, where x is the scaling factor.

Exec=spotify --force-device-scale-factor=2 %U

Thank you for supporting Spotify for Linux,