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Rubberbanding Bug with Video Explanation

Rubberbanding Bug with Video Explanation

jean3601 recommended I post this over here in the Linux section.  I'm not going to beret you guys about Linux support because I realize we're a smaller group of users (probably still profitable), but let me just say that by having a GNU/Linux client, Spotify has found a special place in the hearts of a dedicated userbase.  Google Play Music and other solutions aren't even really on the radar for me.  For many of us, it's Spotify, or back to some shady Russian sites.

We're power users, so we're more likely to provide detailed bug reports and such.  This is a usergroup you can work with!

I have reinstalled the Spotify client on multiple occasions since I first noticed this bug.  I made the above video on my desktop computor, but the bug is also present on my laptop.  If you guys have a linux computor in the office, or a thumbdrive you can boot from really quick give it a try and see if you can recreate it.  Once again, I'm happy to test out any potential fixes you have.


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Erm, I'm back to eat my words.  It seems that whichever of the two versions I have loaded on my desktop now promps me if I want to duplicate the track, this removing the bug.  Thanks for fixing that, whether it was intentional or not!

I remember seeing this rubberbanding effect before, but I never figured out why it happened. Thanks for the explanation. We use videos like this internally as well to show bugs that are a bit hard to describe.


From the position of the volume slider I can see that you were using 0.9.x, possibly 0.9.17, which was the stable version in December 2015, when you recorded the video. The latest stable version, that you probably have now is 1.0.28. It fixed a lot of bugs, but also introduced a few new ones.

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