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Saved albums, artists and podcasts not loading.

Saved albums, artists and podcasts not loading.

I'm using the web interface from Firefox 107 (latest version). Spotify was working perfectly fine until last month when it sporadically couldn't load any of my albums, artists or podcasts. Lately it happens all the time. It can play music just fine if I search for it manually, but I can't see any of the albums I've starred. It just says 'Something went wrong while loading your albums/artists/podcasts. Search for something else?' Logging out, cleaning cookies and such have no impact.
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I got the exact same problem and just posted a thread about it too. I hope somebody comes up with a solution soon. I feel like I tried everything already too...

Same problem here when opening the library and switching to: Albums on Google Chrome version: 108.

Got the following error in the console:

web-player.fb77c811.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error: "Recently Added" is not a valid YLX sort order.
    at Rs (web-player.fb77c811.js:1:1446070)
    at co.getAlbums (web-player.fb77c811.js:1:1457356)
    at async xpui-routes-collection.1c8108c5.js:1:**bleep**:**bleep**:1
await in getAlbums (async)
(anonymous) @ xpui-routes-collection.1c8108c5.js:1
Il @ vendor~web-player.e6ea56b8.js:1
(anonymous) @ vendor~web-player.e6ea56b8.js:1
Ji @ vendor~web-player.e6ea56b8.js:1
wl @ vendor~web-player.e6ea56b8.js:1
(anonymous) @ vendor~web-player.e6ea56b8.js:1
x @ vendor~web-player.e6ea56b8.js:1
(anonymous) @ vendor~web-player.e6ea56b8.js:1

It's happening to me right now.  This problem has to stop because refreshing the internet connection or turning my computer off and back on won't solve it.

Happens to me to on the web player. reproduced in Chrome and Safari

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