Shuffle with two devices | Improvements request


Shuffle with two devices | Improvements request

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It's been a long time I'm having annoying issues with the shuffle on a particular case. In fact If you've got a big playlist and you've been playing music for example on your pc and control the songs your are listening to on your smartphone for example this change the queue. And the shuffle only choose your last added songs and even stop the shuffle when you've reached a certain listening duration, in my case I've got a +900 song playlist so if I change only one music with another device this change the queue by my last added and it's always the same song. The shuffle play on each device works "fine" ( a bit repetitive on songs choices ) but the fact that controlling the playing content with an other device is an excellent feature but really need improvements with the shuffle and the queue choices.

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Hey @bab2!


Stopify is always trying to improve itself. Why don't you post your idea here? That way a lot of user can see it and vote for it!