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Snap package not working Ubuntu (Unable to play tracks)

Snap package not working Ubuntu (Unable to play tracks)

Had installed version of spotify client from apt, removed, deleted cache configs etc

Installed the fancy new snap package all went well

Logged in, no tracks playing just skips to the next track

Uninstalled snap package spotify

reinstalled apt spotify client

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Same here, switched back to apt package and it worked fine again.

It is probably related to


I will write again when the fix has been deployed if you want to try again.


With the upstream Pulseaudio fix for the snap base runtime, new versions of the Spotify snap based on it are working now. For me at least.

The new runtime is used from version (6) of the Spotify snap. This is currently in the snap release channel candidate. To test it, you will have to switch to track that snap release channel by running:

snap install spotify --candidate

Once that version has been promoted to the stable channel, it should not be necessary to track the candidate channel any more and you can switch back to the stable channel if you want.

You can get an overview over the different channels by running:

snap info spotify

Thanks for supporting snap to distribute your software!

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