Spotify App-key Request Form


Spotify App-key Request Form

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I filled in the form 5 times, but no app-key anywhere.
@spotify: you should disable the form or repair the app-key-ordering form.


I'm not the only one with this problem, tried different browsers. The copy of the form gets in my mailbox, but what then ? Can't understand.

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Re: Spotify App-key Request Form


I have also filled inn the request form for the app-key, ive gotten the confirmation email, and nothing happens. I was told it could take one week or so... @spotify: Did you guys get this form at all? The confirmation mail was sendt from a google address.


Please respond.

Re: Spotify App-key Request Form


The confirmation is automated, because it's a google docs form. I have not received anything else from them.

Betreff: Spotify App-key Request Form

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i request a key and get a month later this answer with key attached:


You've requested a Spotify App Key for libspotify. Thanks for the interest!

Please be aware that libspotify has been deprecated since 2012, and is
no longer supported in any way. This means that it could stop working
at any moment, and will not be fixed. We understand that some open
source media centers and other projects use libspotify and require
Spotify App Keys, and therefore in some cases we manually issue them
to users. We strongly recommend not developing any new software using
libspotify. We're actively looking for a solution for this particular
use case.

That said, please find your app key attached, with other formats in
the footer of this email.


Betreff: Spotify App-key Request Form


I've already filled out at least 5 forms and haven't received any response other than the conformation that the form was actually submitted. Having read that it could take some time I waited for almost 4 months without any answer from Spotify. I'm actually considering canceling my Spotify family account and just switch back to buying the mp3s. Then I can at least play them with my raspberry on my hifi system whenever I want - wireless. I'm super disappointed with Spotify!