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Spotify Connect with multiple Desktops

Spotify Connect with multiple Desktops

Hello everyone. I've been trying to make two notebooks with the official Linux client and an Android phone with the official App work together with Spotify Connect. Somehow, it only works with either the first notebook and the phone, or the second one and the phone. I can't control one notebook from the other one or switch from the first one to the second one on the phone, it only shows me one of them at a time. Strangely, I can see the phone on both notebooks and can also control it from them, but not the other way. If I click on the "Devices available" button, the notebook becomes "active" and it shows up on the phone. If I click it on the other notebook, the other one becomes active and the first one disappears. And yes, I've got the most recent client version on both notebooks and the phone. Am I missing something?
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