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Spotify Crashes on launch

Spotify Crashes on launch







(iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 9, MacBook Pro late 2016)

Operating System

Ubuntu 16.04


My Question or Issue


Spotify crashes itself on launch without even a window popping up.

When I try to launch it through the terminal, it shows the following error:

"internal error, please report: running "spotify" failed: timeout waiting for snap system profiles to get updated".


Screenshot from 2019-06-10 18-35-57.png
3 Replies

Hey @Avendo07,


Thanks for writing in the Community about this and for providing a screenshot! 


Please try:

1. Reinstalling the app.

2. Restarting your device. 


Let us know how it went!

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I am getting the same issue as well, running Xubuntu on an i3 2530m system with 8 gigs of ram.

I can see the window flash up, but it jsut closes immediately. I have tried reinstalling through the ubuntu package manager, through the apt install method, and the snap method, and none of them work. 
When I try to run spotify through terminal, my exit error is:

[1010/] [.DisplayCompositor]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glBufferData: <- error from previous GL command
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I don't think that error message in the post just above mine is significant (apart from the segmentation fault message). My Spotify (on Debian 10) is starting up without problems, but I still see this message if I start Spotify from the terminal:


$ spotify

[1108/] [.DisplayCompositor]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glBufferData: <- error from previous GL command


If you have a Segmentation fault message, you should probably read this thread:

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