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Spotify GUI freezes in Ubuntu 19.10

Spotify GUI freezes in Ubuntu 19.10




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Ubuntu 19.10 on Laptop and double display with HDMI cable


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I'm using Spotify on Ubuntu 19.10 and since I installed the software (some days ago) I noticed an annoying bug: the window of the program is freezed and so non-interactable, but music goes on and even keyboard insturctions (play/pause, go on, go back) works normally. I said that the window seems to be freezed because even automatic reshaping  does not work)


It happens very frequently and the only solution that I found is to close and reopen spotify (the close button 'X' works).

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Hey @Giannii 


Do you happen to use any keyboard shortcuts in Spotify? Asking because I experience crashes when pasting song links. 🙂


Or does it freeze up on the background while using another program?

It happens both after Alt + Tab and after the click on icon, I don't know if happens in background because the music works, so I does not notice nothing until I try to interact.

I'm having the same issue here, ubuntu 19.10 too. I noticed that even if the window is freezed, the buttons keep working normally.

I have the same problem.

Started a week ago

Same problem here, but I'm using Spotify snap package in Fedora 30.

This also happens on openSUSE 15.1 with Spotify installed from snap. On 2 separate computers, usually after about 30 seconds after starting a track. No action from the user is needed, the UI just stops, but the music plays and moves to another track in the playlist, etc.


This started a few days ago, after Spotify asked me to login again to my account. I figured there was an update.

Same here ... Ubuntustudio 18.04 (two computers) after update asked me to login to spotify and then gui freezes when playing first track ... music keeps on playing and keyboard works.



That's interesting!
I just recently installed the snap package on Ubuntu 18.04, I don't experience anything like that.


Does this still happen when you reinstall Spotify?

Also, are you also on


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Yeah, the same version


Name    Version                 Rev Tracking Publisher Notes
spotify 41  stable   spotify✓  -


Thank you for confirming 🙂


Have you taken any steps to troubleshoot (eg reinstall, logging out and back in)?


I run Ubuntu Studio 18.04 like @uffek and no issues here. I did install snap a day after I had to log back in, so maybe reinstalling could help you here.



No, not really. Spotify on snap is giving me various issues all the time. Usually it was jumping the system load sky-high, to the point of killing my system, but this here is something new. Before snap I was using just the extracted files from the deb package, but that was cumbersome to keep updated. Not to mention snap sandboxing breaks KDE music player integration.


Anyway, back to the issue at hand... I just removed the snap and installed it fresh (it downloaded from the net, didn't use some cached package). It almost seemed ok, played a full song before freezing, but the issue is still there.


As for logout - I rebooted both machines several times over the course of the past few days, so this doesn't fix anything here.

I'm having the same trouble on Lubuntu 19.10. Application freezes and I get a white screen. Music continues to play in the background.

The Snap version works OK... Thanks.

I installed the snap version and unfortunately have exactly the same issue. A real shame. 

I draw back .. the snap version works better but finally it freezes. It seems to have something to do with updating the gui because if I remember places where to click I can still pause/play with mouse ... I just do not see anything on ui.

When the snap version freezes I can still see what I play on top-bar. There is no error message on terminal.


Same error at my side, I am using version and Linux Mint. After a couple of minutes of playing songs, the GUI simply freezes.

In the meantime ... waiting the Linux version being fixed the best solution is to listen web player on browser can not play with the best quality ... my ears like the streaming quality very high ...and I hope the Ubuntu version gets well soon.

Same here, on two machines. Both have Linux Mint 19.3 installed, and Spotify is installed via snap, version

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